Custom designed to organize charts for your specific needs. Choose the category & position desired. Chart dividers may be left plain or punched to accommodate folders with fasteners.

All dividers can be self installed or assembly and installation can be provided by Visible Filing Concepts!

Call us with questions or to place an order.
How to Order Custom Chart Dividers and Filebacks:
1. Send sample and we can identically reproduce your dividers.

2. If no sample is available, choose from below:

a. Stock: 90# or 110# white, 90# or 110# buff (manila)
b. Style: A, B, or C (see diagrams below)
c. Titles: List titles required in sequence.
Styles A and B: list titles from top to bottom.
Style C: list titles left to right.
d. Color of Mylar for each title:
Choose from red, dark blue, medium blue, light blue,
yellow, light yellow, dark green, medium green, light green,
orange, amber, purple, pink, gray, brown, or clear.
e. Collate: Each title can be boxed separately, or we can collate the sets for quick installation.

Chart Divider Standard Specifications:
90# White Index
Tab printed 1 or 2 sides (black)
3/8" Tab Extension
Reinforced Binding Edge
Slot Punched if requested
1" or 2" Fastener
Scored Hinge
7/8" Hinge (top or side)
Packed individually or collated
Plain or 2 hole punch


These files can also be done with transfer tape. For easy installation with or without fastener on each side with titles.