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Four-Post Shelving

Four-Post Shelving is an economical open-shelf filing system. This system includes adjustable shelves and movable dividers to keep files neat. The units can be adapted to a track system. Available in 14 standard colors or eight custom colors.

Units are available in letter, legal and x-ray sizes with available lengths of 30", 36", 42" and 48" and heights of 641/4", 761/4", 881/4" and 971/4".


File cabinets with doors and locks which take up 27% less floor space. Files stack from one to seven levels. System includes one movable divider per shelf. Also works with movable track system.
Mobile Aisle System

By adding rows of files you can maximize your filing inches while taking up less space. Mobile system only needs half the floor space of a fixed shelving system. The system can be customized to fit your requirements. Special features include: security lock, leveling guides and seamless floor. Heavy-duty mechanical assist moves thousands of pounds with ease.
Track Sliding System

High density filing system allows you to make more efficient use of space. The system features two, three, or four rows of files and shelving units positioned one in front of the other. This allows you to double or triple your filing capacity within the same floor space.
High Density Storage Filing

These smooth rolling units will help increase your storage while providing fast and easy retrieval. High Density Storage Filing will assist in organizing record documents including inactive charts and supplies. This storage system provides easy installation and adjustable heavy-duty shelving. Lifetime warranty!
Because we represent several major manufacturers we can find a solution to any filing challenge.